… somewhere around here – in one vibrational Realm or another – there’s some strange goings on …
Kingsley L. Dennis

Kingsley L. Dennis had his first experience with the ‘little people’ when he was a young boy living near Boggle-Hole. For him, the existence of different Realms upon the Earth – and the varied intelligences that live in them – soon became a reality. Since then, Kingsley has always seen the world differently….

Mundus Grundy - The Book
‘It’s all stinking nonsense – it didn’t happen like that at all. Don’t believe a word of those do-gooding imp-pushing gnomes!’ – Farnuk Tam (Self-Appointed Goblin King)
Kate Cann endorsment
‘It’s a gnome-certified adventure like none other – and I’m so cool’ – Fender Tart (Coolest gnome in Grundusland)
The Earth exists, yet it doesn’t exist in the way the humans think it does.

The Earth really exists in 3 places at once. Or rather, to be more exact, it exists in 3 different realms simultaneously. All the 3 Realms are in the same place – that is they share the same ‘space’ – it’s just that they vibrate differently. So what you see depends on what level you are vibrating!

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