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The 3 Realms were vibrationally created upon the Earth by the Shining Ones after a spewd of goblins ran amok over the planet in the early days putting everything out of balance. They knocked the Earth so out of synch that it fell to one side into a 23.5 degree slant. Now the Earth has an awkward little wobble that messed up the Shining One’s plans for its development. It was said that they were very, very miffed about that. So they decided that the Earth should not exist in just one place – or dimension – but three. So the Shining Ones separated the earthly domain into 3 dimensional realms. That was before the humans arrived. All the inhabitants of the 2nd Realm were initially allowed to visit 3rd Realm Earth, so long as they behaved themselves. In the old days there was a contract – known as the Contract for all Beings on Earth (CBE) – which was signed by all parties to work together for the maintenance of the Earth. Yet the humans soon forgot this contract, neglected the CBE, and then they soon forgot about the existence of their ‘little helpers’ – the gnomes, goblins, fairies, sprites, devas, etc. Then only fragments of stories, myths, grandmothers’ tales, and rumors existed in some places, passed down through the generations as bedtime stories. Yet the gnomes especially never forgot their contract and continue to this day to work to maintain and look after the Earth.
Mundus Grundy inherited the Kingdom of Grundusland from his father, who inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father….etc. Well, that’s basically how the law of Gnome-Inheritance (GI) works. And Grundusland is where all the gnomes of the 2nd Realm live. And the 3rd Realm is where the humans live, in their forgetful little bubble.
Goblins have always been a pesky problem. They continued to get loose into the 3rd Realm, creating havoc and making a mess of things. They once turned up at Stonehenge in a frivolous manner and started to re-arrange the stones – they’ve remained that way ever since! It is also said – in fairy folklore – that a goblin rebel by the name of Kaufuk Tam actually stole the British royal family’s jewels from the Tower of London, and that the royal dudes themselves were so embarrassed that instead of making the theft public they went and replaced them with fake jewels! This Kaufuk Tam was also said to have been the one responsible for persuading Guy Fawkes to instigate the Gunpowder plot against the British parliament in 1605 H.E.T. (Human Earth Time). Another sticky tale (otherwise known as ‘Goblin Truths’) is that this very same Kaufuk Tam managed to weasel his way into persuading a young, confused human chap into assassinating the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, thus kick starting World War 1 These, however, are just mainly goblin tales that get bragged about by goblins with puffy-out chests trying to pretend they’re the next best thing after swamp slime.

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