Book of Gnomes – Gnome Life and Experience

BIG FELLOW – a human being of the 3rd Realm

CBE – Contract for all Beings on Earth

EGM – Executive Gnome Meeting

GI – The law of Gnome Inheritance

GNOME-HEAD – an idiot!

GNOMOCRACY – the open style democracy as practiced by gnomes.

GPS – Gnome Positioning System

GRALE – Gnome Rescue and Liberation Expedition (known also as a ‘Holy Grale’)

GRODA Gnome Rule Of Direct Action

GRUNDUSLAND ANTHEM – usually sang at important gnome gatherings (such as at the EGM)

GWID lawGnome When In Doubt law

HOG – Holy Oath of a Gnome

HUFFALOT – a miserable gnome

HURDY-GURDY – a gnome working song for fixing energy disturbances

LRG – Light Reflecting Goggles

MATRIGNOMEa silver-colored instrument for measuring energy balance

NOBBY-GNOMES – what gnomes say when playing tricks/teasing

SMECKER – what gnomes say when playing tricks/teasing

STONE-GNOME – a gnome caught/seen by humans and turned into stone

Goblin head no glow‘It’s all stinking nonsense – it didn’t happen like that at all. Don’t believe a word of those do-gooding imp-pushing gnomes!’ – Farnuk Tam (Self-Appointed Goblin King)

‘A rip-racing yarn that doesn’t let you stop for breath - and it’s all true!’

Mundus Grundy (King of Grundusland)
MG for front page

‘Goblin presence is disturbing the energy matrix, and unsettling the vortexes. You need to get in there Mundus and pull them out quickly.’

Veeza – the sun-diva

What is the ignacious plan of the goblins?

Ghhrrrr ....

scary eyes-MG