Mundus bookmark

Enter Grundusland!

Dear readers of all ages –
We are happy to deliver the invitation of Mundus Grundy to create something for yourself.
We have prepared a pdf file that contains the printable and downloadable characters of Mundus Grundy and Farnuk Tam. Both of them are eagerly waiting to become your guides into Grundusland – and beyond!

 Just click here >>>> BOOKMARK (648 downloads)

All you need to do is download the pdf where the button says and then follow a very simple process: You need to cut out the head and the tail, and then glue them both together. That’s it. Done. This is the bookmark part. Mundus and Farnuk will be there to show you where you left the story (yet be careful of Farnuk’s cheeky trickery – don’t let him lead you astray!) Once you have downloaded them, you will find questions on the tails. Of course, the answer lies inside the book, so it will be easy to find out – you just have to investigate yourself.

Farnuk bookmark

Ah…and there is one more thing …
We would like to invite you also to draw the scenes you really liked in the story. You can draw some of your favourite scenes, or the other characters – you decide! And then send the pictures to us. We would love to share them with others.
Please share your thoughts and questions with us regarding the book and the characters and we will do our
best to respond.
Thank you and we are wishing you a gnome-joyous time wherever you are!
Your Gnome Team –
on behalf of Mundus Grundy, the King of Grundusland