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Kingsley L. Dennis had his first experience with the ‘little people’ when he was a young boy living near Boggle-Hole. For him, the existence of different Realms upon the Earth – and the varied intelligences that live in them – soon became a reality. Since then, Kingsley has always seen the world differently.


The author had his first gnome-experience when he unexpectedly came across one of the little fellows at the bottom of his garden late one night. Kingsley was sleeping outside in a tent when he spotted the gnome working on a fallen tree. Immediately, the little fellow turned to stone. Yet Kingsley knew that the gnome was real. Days later, as he kept a nightly watch, he saw a genuine Gnome Rescue And Liberation Expedition (GRALE) live at work. Since that time, Kingsley has dedicated his life to understanding, and communicating, with these other fellows.


As an adult, Kingsley has travelled far and wide in order to learn and gather research about the existence of the little people in other cultures. Kingsley has managed to collect a whole range of stories regarding the existence and activities of many of the so-called invisible ones.


As well as being a writer, Kingsley has also worked as a successful sociologist in various respected academic institutions. As he himself says – ‘I became a sociologist in order to better understand the way our world(s) work.’


The author now has regular contact with various ‘intelligent entities’ from both the Second and Third Realms, who help him in his work. The author has been especially recognized as a ‘Human Ambassador’ for these other Realms.


Kingsley’s research and writings all aim to educate us humans about the way Reality really works.

Kingsley lived close to the Boggle – Hole since he was a little boy …

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